Every art gallery has a reason to exist, and it is to spread culture. Guild’s Art Gallery is an association of artists already established in the physical world, who will make their work available in the digital world.

Until now, the digital world had one big obstacle: The ease of copying and reproducing art without means of control.

With the advent of the NFT, it is now possible to create original art and assess its originality and the recognition and remuneration of the artist holding its copyright.

Guild’s Art Gallery aims to help artists make their works available in the digital world.
We are an Art Gallery, and we use established Marketplaces to carry out the sales process, which guarantees everyone’s safety.



Social Commitment

Art is linked to culture, and cannot be restricted to those determined by criticism or imposed rules.

Each group of different social levels, ethnicities, religions, abilities has its vision of art, and it must be able to be spread.

The Guild will have several groups that will have their views shown without restrictions.

Some interest and inclusion groups will have their own section. In these cases, we will donate at least 10% of the income destined to the Grêmio to the causes of each group, helping in the social promotion of the groups.

Visit our Diversity page and learn about the niches in which we operate.

Check our Diversity Niches



Real Value

Time to invest in Art, through NFT.

How much is a piece of digital art worth? Probably the same thing you would pay for physical art. The Guild will provide you with ways to find art in collections or unique art, which can be very valuable.

Every investment is immediately transferred and measured in your cryptocurrency wallet, and can be traded on the various marketplaces.

The Future is digital, but some unique works may be accompanied by an NFT and the physical work that generated it.

Do you have doubts? Ask the Gallery Curator at curator@guilds.art


Spread your Art to the World!

Do you want to transform your work into NFT and put it up for sale but don’t know how?

Want to create a collection of NFTs from one of your works, and need support?

We will assist you in the entire creation, publication, advertising and launch process.

Proceeds from the sale are deposited immediately as soon as the sale takes place.

Authorship of the work will be registered in your name and you will receive royalties whenever a buyer resells your art.

Talk to us , by contact page or request a meeting with our curator by email : curator@guilds.art


Investir em NFT sempre foi confuso, contar com a Guilda para auxiliar na visão geral do processo e nos ganhos possíveis foi fundamental.
Sidney Fabiani
Sidney Fabiani